Welcome to Shenhe Mains (SHM)! We are a community based on the Genshin Impact character Shenhe. Together, our staff strive to create a friendly environment through fun events, theorycrafting, and more.

✧ Moderation Team

Moderators are responsible for upholding civility and order. They help members that require aid as well as punish members who don't abide by the server's rules.


  • experience moderating Discord servers or other moderation experience
  • level-headedness and problem solving / conflict handling skills

✧ Theorycrafting Moderation Team

TC moderators are responsible for theorycrafting channels, keeping conversations civil and in check to maintain a safe environment for theorycrafting.


  • experience moderating Genshin Impact theorycrafting and moderating Discord servers or other moderation experience
  • level-headedness and problem solving / conflict handling skills
  • theorycrafting experience

✧ Dev Team

With extensive knowledge on coding and web design, they are responsible for maintaining @Shenhe and other bots, as well as taking care of our website in order to keep the server and assets functioning in a proper fashion.

Requirements (one of the following):

  • experience handling Discord bots
  • web development experience
  • Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, or CSS proficiency

✧ Art Team

Talented members who create original emojis, stickers, banners and role icons for the server. They also have the authority to accept or reject emoji submissions from outside parties, as well as being the judges for art related events.

Requirements (one of the following):

  • can draw
  • can make edits using Photoshop or other software
  • can animate

✧ Theorycrafting Team

Our TC Team is responsible for delving into the game's mechanics, creating optimized builds, team compositions, and discussing playstyles best suited for each character in Genshin Impact.


  • theorycrafting experience
  • sufficient math and spreadsheet skills and experience for theorycrafting and calculations

✧ Translation Team

This team includes members with a great comprehension in Chinese with the ability to fluently translate into English. They help communicate game resources such as events, character skills, and outside discussions (bilibili) to our community.


  • fluent in both Chinese and English
  • experience translating content from Chinese to English, specifically in relation to Genshin Impact content

✧ Event Team

This team is responsible for planning and executing server events. Through joint collaboration these members create fun and interactive occasions for the community.


  • experience organizing events
  • potential event ideas
  • basic Google Docs and Google Forms proficiency

✧ Media Team

The media team is in charge of creating posts across SHM's various social media platforms. This includes shouting out any current in game or server exclusive events, to simply retweeting Shenhe related art.


  • ideas for content to post
  • streaming knowledge and/or experience